The APA is the home and voice of American psychiatry. We need experienced, skilled leaders to continue to resist those forces that intrude on the doctor-patient relationship, needlessly limit our therapeutic options, and increase our time spent on administrative and clerical tasks. My career in private practice, the public sector, government service and academia is dedicated to treating our most vulnerable patients, teaching, training and mentorship, and advocacy. My extensive experience in clinical informatics, human subjects’ protection and global health have given me skills needed to be an effective 21st century Board member.

The APA must be member-centric. First and foremost the APA is here for its members.

  • Onerous, expensive, non-evidence based “maintenance of certification” must be fought.
  • Our hard-fought legal and policy gains are under attack. We must expand our federal AND state advocacy efforts. The APA must proactively support the district branches and state associations, as well as focus on the bureaucratic implementation of the laws we worked so hard to pass.
  • Differential payments to psychiatrists for identical billable services and oppressive regulatory and utilization review practices that are not based on evidence must end.
  • Technology should facilitate member involvement, education and advocacy.

The APA must be a strong patient advocate. Support for our patients must define our actions.

  • Discrimination, prejudice and stigma must be identified, called out and fought relentlessly.
  • As an ER psychiatrist, I am dismayed by the continuing incarceration of those with mental illness and the too frequent lethal interactions with law enforcement.
  • We must strengthen our fight to stop unqualified professionals from prescribing medication, or providing patient care without adequate medical supervision.

The APA must continue to advance the profession of psychiatry within the medical community, nationally and globally.

  • Psychiatrists are always physicians. Psychiatry is always an integral part of the house of medicine.