The APA must be member-centric.

  • Onerous, expensive, non-evidence based “maintenance of certification” must be fought.
  • Our hard fought legal and policy gains are under attack. We must expand our federal AND state advocacy efforts. APA must be more proactively supportive of district branches and state associations.
  • Technology should facilitate member engagement, education and advocacy.

The APA must be a strong patient advocate.

  • Discrimination, prejudice and stigma must be identified, called out and fought relentlessly.
  • As an ER psychiatrist I firmly believe we must intensify our efforts to eliminate unnecessary deaths of the mentally ill with special focus on deaths during interactions with law enforcement.
  • We must strengthen our fight to stop unqualified professionals from prescribing medication.
  • Differential payments to psychiatrists for identical billable services and oppressive regulatory practices not based on evidence must end.

The APA must be as a good citizen in the medical community, the nation and the world.

  • Psychiatrists are always physicians and psychiatry is always an integral part of the house of medicine.
  • We must not allow falsehoods regarding psychiatry and those with mental illness to be spread without challenge.
  • We must focus our energies on positions where psychiatry has special expertise, and that are directly relevant to psychiatry and/or our patients.